House rules and expectations

Here is a list of potential expectations and rules that a client at a recovery residence may be required to follow:

  1. Abstaining from all substances, including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  2. Attending a certain number of support or recovery meetings per week, such as 12-step meetings or counseling sessions
  3. Participating in house chores and maintaining a clean and orderly living space
  4. Respecting the rights and privacy of other residents and staff
  5. Abiding by all rules and policies of the recovery residence, including any curfews or quiet hours
  6. Paying rent and any other fees on time
  7. Participating in any required treatment or recovery programming, such as therapy sessions or skill-building workshops
  8. Complying with any medication management or monitoring requirements
  9. Reporting any changes in living arrangements or employment status to the recovery residence staff
  10. Refraining from engaging in any illegal or harmful activities
  11. Seeking permission before inviting guests to the recovery residence
  12. Notifying staff of any changes in health or well-being
  13. Seeking help when experiencing cravings or triggers to use substances
  14. Seeking help when facing any challenges or difficulties in recovery
  15. Accepting and seeking support and guidance from staff and other residents.

It is important to note that the specific expectations and rules of a recovery residence may vary. It is important for clients to carefully review and understand these expectations and rules before committing to living in a recovery residence.