List of included items for guests

Here is a list of things that could potentially be provided to a guest living in a recovery residence:

  1. A private or shared bedroom with a bed, dresser, and closet space
  2. Basic kitchen facilities and appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, and microwave
  3. Access to shared bathrooms and showers
  4. Linens and towels
  5. Laundry facilities
  6. A common area for socializing and relaxing
  7. Access to a computer and internet connection
  8. A telephone for local calls
  9. Assistance with transportation, such as access to a shared vehicle or bus passes
  10. Access to support and recovery resources, such as counseling, group meetings, and sober social activities
  11. Medication management and monitoring, if necessary
  12. Assistance with finding employment and housing, if needed
  13. Meals or meal plans
  14. Basic cleaning supplies and housekeeping services
  15. Access to outdoor space or recreation areas.
  16. 16. A television and cable or streaming services
  17. Books, magazines, and other recreational reading materials
  18. Games and recreational equipment, such as board games, cards, or fitness equipment
  19. Personal care items, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste
  20. Emergency supplies, such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers
  21. Security features, such as locked entry doors and surveillance cameras
  22. Fire safety features, such as smoke detectors and fire exits
  23. Access to medical or mental health care services
  24. Assistance with budgeting and financial management
  25. Access to educational or skill-building resources, such as job training programs or educational classes.
  26. On-site or nearby access to recreational activities, such as parks, sports facilities, or fitness centers
  27. Access to transportation for appointments or errands, such as a shuttle service or ride-sharing programs
  28. Access to social and recreational events, such as movie nights, group outings, or holiday celebrations
  29. Support with accessing community resources, such as libraries, community centers, or social service agencies
  30. A garden or outdoor space for gardening or relaxation
  31. A pet-friendly environment, if desired
  32. Support with managing physical or mental health conditions, such as assistance with medication or therapy appointments
  33. Access to spiritual or faith-based resources, such as chaplain services or prayer groups
  34. Access to educational or vocational resources, such as job training programs or resume writing workshops
  35. A welcoming and supportive community environment, with staff and other guests who provide encouragement and support.