The Fun

Recovery is hard work. That’s why here at Sana House we always make time to play.

Sana House understands the importance of having fun and enjoying life while in recovery. To ensure that clients have opportunities to participate in sober fun activities, we offer weekly outings included in the program.

To start, we will work with the men to identify their interests and hobbies. Based on this information, we will research and plan a variety of outings that align with the men’s interests. These outings can range from physical activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and go-karting to cultural events such as museum visits and art exhibitions. We will also be attending sporting events like Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Knights games.

Quarterly, we will plan more extensive excursions where we may go skiing or snowboarding, head over to the coast for some beach time, or attend a recovery convention in a different area. Sana House also plans outings that promote volunteering, such as serving at local non-profits in our community or participating in community clean-up projects. These will always be in addition to our regular outings. It’s imperative that we always use these experiences as a way to learn. We may ask our men to participate in group reflections after each outing. These reflections can include discussions on what was learned, what was enjoyed, and how they can apply what they’ve learned from these experiences to their ongoing recovery. These outings will provide our men with opportunities to have fun, connect with others, and learn new skills, all while maintaining their recovery.