What We Provide

24/7 Recovery Support

All individual, family and group counseling will be facilitated by Sana Counseling and is included in the cost of the program. On average, residents will receive one individual, one family and multiple group sessions per week. We provide the following:
  • Facilitation and case management of client relationships to medical, psychiatric and clinical services in the community.
  • Quarterly Family Recovery 2.0 Workshop with Sheila Maitland and Patrick Balsley.
  • Unlimited Access to Dream Yoga and Wellness
  • Membership to Brace YMCA
  • Nutrition, Culinary Support and Weekly Meals catered by Chef Sam Diminich and Your Farms Your Table.
  • In house 12 step facilitation
  • Frequent Random Drug Screens and Breathalyzers
  • Medication Observation
  • Individual and Family Recovery Coaching
  • Life Skills and Vocational Support
  • Community Employment Placement Support
  • Continued Education and Academic Support
  • Daily Meditation Groups and Mindfulness Training
  • Spiritual Support
  • Monthly Experiential Outings
  • Sober Fun Events Every Weekend
  • Community Service Projects